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Such mechanisms, we will show, may include processes of cumulative advantage and disadvantage as they relate to socioeconomic status across the life course.
Influence of parental socioeconomic status on casual blood pressures of Nigerian school children.
After controlling for age, residence, education level and socioeconomic status, the risk of adolescents having had sexual intercourse, compared with their risk in 1988, declined in 1993 (hazard ratio, 0.
Rural life, lower socioeconomic status and parasitic infections.
It is apparent from this review of the relevant literature that socioeconomic status was a significant factor that affects teachers' educational decision making (e.
Realistic occupations typically are highly masculine and have the lowest socioeconomic status
Differences in learning styles of low socioeconomic status for low and high achievers [Electronic version].
Schools with more white students or students of higher socioeconomic status tended to be farther from a swine CAFO.
Although researchers have investigated socioeconomic status as a health determinant, relatively little has been said about being male as a health determinant.
This omnibus F test suggests that there is a statistically significant difference between the means of the three variables under examination (motivational strategy use, cognitive strategy use, GPA) for the different groups formed by categories of socioeconomic status and gender (as the F value (3, 267) equaled 3.
This lower socioeconomic status could not be accounted for by simple educational failure, nor could it be explained by reduced participation in the workforce, or preference for part-time employment.
The letter, signed by GSA's senior procurement executive, David Drabkin, says "ordering activities seeking to use the multiple award schedules program to achieve their agency small businesses goals, may make socioeconomic status a primary evaluation factor when making a best value determination.