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Composition of the socioeconomic status index: latent variable estimated as a construct and operationalized by the combination of three manifest variables: family income, mother and respondent schooling.
The women also filled out questionnaires where they were asked about measures of trauma and low socioeconomic status during childhood, along with the measure of current social support.
Low socioeconomic status, low monthly household income and low educational level are associated with less access to dental services and oral hygiene products, poorer knowledge regarding oral health and oral hygiene and, consequently, a greater frequency and severity of dental caries.
This final model concluded that 56% of the risk imposed by low socioeconomic status was actually attributable to LIBRA scores.
Keywords: Prevalence, Depression, Gender, Socioeconomic Status, University Students
Anorlu et al (2006) reported that anaemia was more common in low socioeconomic status ([chi.
In this study, girls belonging to high socioeconomic status matured earlier than those belonging to low socioeconomic status [Table 3], with a highly significant ANOVA value (P < 0.
Majority of low IQ children are at lower end of socioeconomic status, accordingly one is led to the hypothesis that their poor adaptive function is likely to be secondary to adverse sociocultural influence.
The relationship of body fat indicators with cardiovascular risk in adolescents with low socioeconomic status.
Future work should seek ways to help "clinicians to more deliberately message healthy weight maintenance and explore how these patterns can be more robustly discussed among children who are at risk, especially Hispanic children and children who have low socioeconomic status," she added.
Some studies have suggested that the higher odds of breast cancer subtypes with unfavorable prognoses in minority racial/ethnic groups could be explained by differences in socioeconomic status.
A plethora of academic studies pertains to elucidate the relation between socioeconomic status and academic performance.