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In the early part of the decade, Cayton first introduced Wright to information and sociological concepts that Wright would use in Twelve Million Black Voices.
Further, a familiarization with certain psychological and sociological concepts often proves helpful.
The data are woven into a larger fabric of the history of relationships between Diaspora Jews and Israel and sociological concepts of ethnicity and identity.
Participants in the LTI Seminar "The Diversity Institute" will explore the key sociological concepts that under gird racism and prejudice, their origins and proven methods of prejudice interruption.
Charismatic Authority never just applies sociological concepts to the texts, but at the same time, it does not shy away from hard concepts and, when appropriate, discipline-specific language.
Health in Australia: Sociological Concepts and Issues, 2nd Edition, Sydney, Longman, 1999
We have disarmed and desensitized ourselves through the ease of distant witnessing (media[ted] violence and accepting as settled sociological concepts (nation-state, Islamic fundamentalism, family, tribe) and categories of experience as knowledge.
The distinctive characteristic of his present book is the application of economic and sociological concepts to a time and place far removed from his previous investigations.
The author's appropriation and application of the sociological concepts of subculture and counterculture is particularly pertinent to the topic.
In "Theoretical perspectives," Kieran Flanagan criticizes the misuse of sociological concepts by theologians and offers a fiery apologetic for a quite traditional Roman Catholicism.
also uses traditional sociological concepts to analyze what is going on in the global church since Vatican II--concepts such as the routinization of charisma, amnesia and anamnesis, desacralization, and public piety versus personal spirituality.