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SODOMITE. One who his been guilty of sodomy. Formerly such offender was punished with great severity, and was deprived of the power of making a will.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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L'effectivite des interdits sexuels permet, a partir du Moyen Age, aux autorites civiles et ecclesiastiques d'augmenter progressivement leur controle sur les sodomites, souvent associes aux heretiques.
While both the antediluvians and the Sodomites are punished for their homosexual acts, Belzhazzar's fault lies in mishandling sacred objects dedicated to God.
When Spaniards declared that "they are all sodomites," "sodomites more than any other race," who "take great pride in it," the message was clear.
And so has the figure of the sodomite, both before, during, and after the period which Zizek is describing.
The chapter on James's The Tragic Muse juxtaposes the Labouchere Amendment, the Souls, the paintings of Sargent and Whistler, and James's novel in a heady mix of politics, aesthetics, and desire; while the closing chapter on Wilde links Ireland, Rosebery, sodomites, and the associations of the word 'partner'.
There is a horrid sense of deja vu in the spectacle of Lord Alfred's hounding Robbie as, two decades before, the scarlet screaming marquess had hounded Bosie's 'posing sodomite' lover.
Take, for example, McFarlane's study, The Sodomite in Fiction and Satire, 1660-1750.
Through Camp's dissolution of every symbolic hierarchy through the prioritization of style and surface effect, the Sodomite becomes simultaneously an incarnation of emptiness and is absorbed into it.
Oscar Wilde's fall came about because he felt obliged to sue for libel at being accused of `posing as a sodomite' -- he was not even being called a sodomite, just that he was acting like one.
It does so even while condemning in the most vituperative terms "the Sodomite men's proclaimed preference for making love with males" (13).
was casting Sullivan as a sodomite Christ quavering to the Prophet Peretz.