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SODOMITE. One who his been guilty of sodomy. Formerly such offender was punished with great severity, and was deprived of the power of making a will.

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Lot cares little for his daughters' honour since his main concern is to protect his guests from homosexual rape, which is why he openly urges the Sodomites to "letes my gestes one" and use the daughters instead in any way they please.
And yet even if the uses and meanings of "the sodomite" are often still "extra-sexual," the sodomite nonetheless is recovered as a distinctly sexual subject.
Holsinger argues convincingly that the poetics of the Divine Comedy inscribe the pilgrim Dante into both a homosocial world and a homoerotic one in his encounters with the sodomites of Hell and Purgatory.
Associated actions, often categorized as effiminate behavior according to early modern writers, became thought of as not only sinful but as signs of an "internal moral disorder" that led sodomites to perform criminal acts (p.
Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad fired his former protege three weeks ago over allegations of sexual misconduct and claimed Tuesday that Anwar was a sodomite.
When Bosie's father the Marquess of Queensberry labels Wilde a sodomite, Wilde for all his supposed brilliance is stupid or arrogant enough to bring a libel case against him that he's sure to lose.
The old version of sodomite libertinism, exemplified by Lord Rochester, was dying out by the first decades of the eighteenth century, replaced by exclusive heterosexuality.
To be called a homophobe is to have a diagnostic label placed on one, suggesting slyly--with that insufferable sanctimony only Freudians are capable of--that one's objections have nothing to do with reason, tradition, theology, or anything else: one is opposed to homosexuality because one is oneself repressed and, quite likely, a sodomite in secret.
I ASSUME "sod" is derived from sodomite and is slang for an annoying person or thing.
Thibouville's landlord, the marquis de Villette, was probably the most notorious sodomite of his generation.
Stronach left the Conservatives because she could not stomach their "social" policies; as she is an avowed pro-abortionist and favours sodomite "marriage," these were obviously the policies she objected to in the Conservative Party, although Mr.
In Beenie Man's "That's Right," the chores begins, "We burn chi-chi [Jamaican slang for "gay"] man and then we burn sodomite and everybody bawl out, say, 'Dat right