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SODOMITE. One who his been guilty of sodomy. Formerly such offender was punished with great severity, and was deprived of the power of making a will.

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They certainly did not want to enlighten any innocent men who had been arrested by mistake about sodomitical practices they might have known nothing about.
Both Heather Findlay (1989) and Jonathan Goldberg (1992, 2003) have offered frequently cited readings of sodomitical relations between Falstaff and Hal; however, Nardizzi is interested in grafting and not pederasty, and wishes to extend the conversation to Catherine: he convincingly connects the grafting imagery Shakespeare uses to describe the relationship between Falstaff and Hal to Hal's stated desire to "compound a boy, half-French, half-English" with Catherine (150).
In such confusions of language and flattening of historical differences, Queer Virgins fails to clarify what a sodomitical subjectivity might signify, especially at a time when, as most critics agree, homoeroticism was central and not marginal to the experience of life.
Sexual pleasure is conflated with textual pleasure, and there are hints that textual pleasure, identified as it is with the elite, all-male sodomitical world of the Academy, may well be superior.
Though the figure of the sodomite king recurs frequently in the literature of the period, I will focus primarily on two of Renaissance England's most vivid and fully developed depictions of the sodomite king: Marlowe's Edward II and the sodomitical image of James I promulgated in manuscript verse libels, mean- spirited memoirs, and political pamphlets written by disgruntled contemporaries.
The historical lecture functions as a means of control, an act of othering, of framing, of distance; it moves homosexuality into the studied world of sodomitical practices and homoerotic overtones.
For Wilde, it would seem, not even the sodomitical can live up to, or produce, the sublime.
By studying the available but unpublished evidence about hundreds of entrapments from the 1720's through the 1740's and hundreds of interrogations from the 1780's, historians are reconstructing the geography, sociology, and anthropology of the sodomitical subculture of Paris.
Hammill's subsequent reading of Faustus, for instance, tellingly addresses the sodomitical valence in the homosocial exchanges between the scholar and Mephistopheles--who promises an endless stream of courtesans but proffers a devil in a dress when he brings on Helen to further cement their bond.
Taking seriously suggestions by Jonathan Goldberg and Margreta de Grazia that the sonnets end up portraying heterosexual relations as sodomitical, she argues that the misogyny arises as an ideological effect out of Shakespeare's strategic effort to authorize male homoeroticism by countering emerging legal discourses delimiting sodomy to sex between men.
Equally, the story of a sodomitical king may serve as the most delicate of hints at James I.
In considering favoritism in tragedy in light of Jacobean scandal and practices, DiGangi focuses almost entirely on the image and reputation of King James, whose personal infirmities, he argues, contributed to throw the monarch's otherwise normatively homoerotic conduct into scandalous, and therefore sodomitical, relief.