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Weiss, "Smooth muscle tumors of soft tissue," Advances in Anatomic Pathology, vol.
Arthroscopic evaluation of soft tissue injuries in tibial plateau fractures: Retrospective analysis of 98 cases.
The aims of this retrospective study were to assess the possible changes in soft tissue facial profile caused by bone-borne SARME and RME using cast hyrax expander, and to determine whether there exists a correlation between the soft tissue alterations and the underlying hard tissue changes.
Z-plasty was used on the radial side to correct the soft tissue deficiency in 5(42%) hands, and a bilobed flap in 7(58%) hands for soft tissue rearrangement on the radial side.
The soft tissue global market is segmented into products, surgery, applications and geography.
- The soft tissue repair global market is expected to grow at high single digit CAGR to reach USD 21,319.7m by 2023, according to a new report from Dublin-based Research and Markets.
The team, from the Sheikh Zayed Institute for Paediatric Surgical Innovation, Children's National Health System, Washington, DC, describes the Smart Tissue Autonomous Robot (STAR) and how it outperformed human surgeons operating on soft tissue in a Science Translational Medicine paper.
The CHMP's positive opinion is based on the results from Phase III study (Study 309)(1)comparing the efficacy and safety of Halaven versus dacarbazine in 452 patients (aged 18 or over) with locally advanced or recurrent and metastatic soft tissue sarcoma (liposarcoma or leiomyosarcoma) who had disease progression following standard therapies which must have included an anthracycline and at least one other additional regimen.
Giant cell tumour of soft tissue (GCT-ST) clinically presents as painless, firm, well-defined mass without any fixity to underlying structure.
" The beneficial aspect of orthodontic treatment is improving the soft tissue profile.
A linear interpolation is used on tetrahedra for the soft tissue model, the displacement ut of a tissue constraint point placed inside a tetrahedron is given by the barycentric coordinates and the displacement [DELTA]qt of the 4 nodes ut = Jt[DELTA]qt.
Magnetic resonance imaging revealed the presence of a large well-defined soft tissue mass from the upper pole of right kidney with evidence of small intraluminal component in the inferior vena cava and renal vein (Fig.