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The VoIP softswitch can be used for the call routing and switching to the intended call recipients.
Employing softswitch technology allows ATX to deliver feature-rich services and applications through its network while enabling its customers to reduce their total cost of ownership when deploying current and future voice and data services.
While some are already established, others are being tested by the Softswitch Consortium, a group of dozens of companies that includes founders Cisco, Lucent, Telcordia, Level 3, Nortel, and HP, among others.
Ericsson Telephony Softswitch Solution/IMS Multimedia Telephony (http://www.
With our access softswitch, carriers can leverage their existing multi-billion dollar investment in access infrastructure to offer new next generation voice and packet services.
Among our criteria was that our softswitch vendor had to be a genuine partner and work closely with us through the review and implementation process.
The two products interoperate via the Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP), a client-server protocol that provides a direct IP connection between the Siemens SURPASS hiQ 8000 softswitch and the Occam BLC in distributed network architecture.
Over the long term, if PacketCable successfully adopts IMS, this will open up the market to a broader range of softswitch and call session control function (CSCF) providers," said Valovic.
Under the agreement, SunCom has begun to deploy Ericsson's Mobile Softswitch solution to carry voice and data traffic in 3GPP Release 4- compliant network architecture.
Ericsson mobile softswitch will further enhance coverage and capacity in Serbia and will meet operator's need for rapid and cost-efficient growth.
Under the agreement, Ericsson will upgrade TeliaSonera International Carrier's Voice network from circuit-switched technology to Ericsson's IP based Telephony Softswitch solution.
As the cable telephony network scales, cable operators need assurances that when communications between the centralized softswitch and distributed media gateways are disrupted, reliable emergency and local calling services can still occur.