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The Open Source Linux Operating System is rapidly becoming a leading software platform for smartphones.
Series 60 is an ideal software platform for the advanced smart phones.
It's a software platform that integrates and manages the steps in the discovery process so companies and their law firms can standardize on a set way of doing discovery every time.
The Cisco customer contact software platform delivers a rich set of features that allows companies to interact with their customers through a wide variety of channels including Web, phone, chat, and e-mail.
The VDSL2 residential gateway reference platform merges the power of Jungo's OpenRG gateway software platform with Ikanos' Fusiv[R] processor.
Extensible with additional sensor nodes and programmable through MoteWorks software platform
But a new book co-authored by MIT Sloan School of Management Dean Richard Schmalensee tells the important story of how invisible but powerful software platforms are driving not only today's technology, but tomorrow's innovations and economy.
RELDATA's new TrueBlock[TM] software platform lets users dynamically expand virtual volumes to meet the challenges of managing today's unrelenting data growth.
1 increases order fulfillment performance and expands the ability to operate multiple order fulfillment technologies on one software platform.
Don't be, say the authors of Invisible Engines: How Software Platforms Drive Innovation and Transform Industries (MIT Press, October 2006) who write that software platforms have and will continue to transform the way we buy, pay, listen, learn, communicate and even play with our kids.
It provides a feature-rich business process management (BPM) system, and a credential issuance system in a single software platform.
Caver-Morehead's software platform offers tracking and analysis tools that enable facilities to streamline maintenance processes and improve overall efficiency.

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