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Mellanox VSA vSAN software appliance significantly reduces data center and cloud infrastructure costs while actually boosting application performance.
1 is available as a software appliance powered by SUSE Linux Enterprise 11.
Red Hat Storage Software Appliance takes a new approach to delivering reliable, high-performance processing of unstructured data.
Customers running private clouds or on-premise data centers can now obtain commercial support for Gluster deployed as a software appliance in a non-virtualized, bare metal environment.
AirWatch's software appliance consists of the AirWatch application pre-configured and pre-integrated, along with all required middleware and operating system software, pre-installed on a server, which customers can easily add to a pre-existing stack.
ISVs should partner with one of the software appliance enablers, which can bring the ISV through the development to the sales and marketing to the maintenance of software appliances through their differentiated technology, services, and/or channel partners.
This easy to deploy software appliance provides an integrated collection of information analysis and management services, including concept search, near-duplicate clustering, language identification, and an interesting-phrase finder.
Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) can expand their markets and simultaneously reduce development and support costs by adopting the software appliance approach.
the fastest-growing open source IT management company, today announced the availability of new deployment options with its hardware and software appliance offerings.
A software appliance is an application combined with a streamlined operating system, offered in a format that runs on industry standard hardware or in virtualized environments.
Our momentum over the past year reflects both the value of the software appliance model and the technical superiority of the rPath solution," stated Billy Marshall, CEO of rPath.
rPath[TM], provider of the first platform for creating and maintaining software and virtual appliances, today announced it is launching a Certified Software Appliance Architect training curriculum, which will give participants the skills needed to build, deploy and maintain software appliances.

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