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However, the benefits of this larger scale approach are that natural soil drainage processes are less likely to be disturbed and it allows the integration of a range of activities occurring on the soil surface (i.
In this poster, we introduce a new index of soil wetness, referred to as the Natural Soil Drainage Index (DI).
Good soil drainage has long been recognized as essential for permanent irrigated agriculture to alleviate salinity problems in areas such as the western United States, Egypt, and India.
American Wick Drain, America's largest producer of geocomposite soil drainage systems, virtually eliminates the need to use costly, hard-to-install pipe and stone drainage systems.
Improve soil drainage as basal rot is favoured by excessively moist soil conditions.
The rationale for a logarithmic progression of analysis times is the well-known logarithmic progression of the soil drainage process (Jury et al.
Figure 4-20 presented a chart for determining soil drainage class by color.
Gypsum improved soil drainage in the seedbeds as indicated by saturated conductivity measurements.
The Okinawa government is expected to set up a committee to discuss how to prevent soil drainage into the sea during construction, as such drainage would harm the environment, especially nearby coral reefs.
In hot weather, plants will go dormant, but usually survive if soil drainage is good and they aren't overwatered.