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However, the benefits of this larger scale approach are that natural soil drainage processes are less likely to be disturbed and it allows the integration of a range of activities occurring on the soil surface (i.
In this poster, we introduce a new index of soil wetness, referred to as the Natural Soil Drainage Index (DI).
Consequently, one of the first and potentially most challenging soil input surfaces developed was soil drainage.
Along with ARS agricultural engineer Kevin King, who works at the ARS Soil Drainage Research Unit in Columbus, Ohio, the researchers used the data they collected to evaluate a turfgrass runoff model called "TurfPQ.
Kravchenko AN, Bollero GA, Omonode RA, Bullock DG (2002) Quantitative mapping of soil drainage classes using topographical data and soil electrical conductivity.
In the manner of conifers in general, arborvitae requires excellent soil drainage.
DIG a soakaway to improve soil drainage by creating a herringbone system of gravel-filled trenches.
Early studies were concerned with dairy barn ventilation and soil drainage systems.
IMPROVE heavy soil drainage by mixing in gravel or sharp grit.
There's no reason to ruin your soil drainage and risk that your plants won't do well just to get them in the ground a few days earlier.
Soil characteristics included in this study are gravel class (GRAVEL), soil drainage class (DRAINAGE), potential rooting depth (PRO) and profile total available water (PAW).