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As much as they were at home there--and as much as God provided them a space and time to live as His people--they were also to know themselves, perpetually, as sojourners.
In addition to being the head of Sojourners, Wallis is the editor-in-chief of Sojourners Magazine.
Many returning sojourners find that they have changed as a result of their international experiences and are unable to easily readjust to the once familiar home they left weeks, months, or even years before.
Sojourners magazine and its founder, popular evangelical preacher Jim Wallis, have come in for criticism following their rejection of a video ad on the magazine's Web site for a group seeking to highlight the social stigma facing Christian gays and lesbians.
Please, Sojourners, consider addressing gay marriage.
Hebrews encourages Christians to embrace an identity as sojourners modeled after biblical exemplars and culminating in Jesus' death "outside the camp" (13:13), while it promotes traditional Roman social values.
The Torah says like the native born among you shall he be to you, the sojourner that sojourns with you; be loving to him as one like yourself, for sojourners were you in the land of Egypt (19:34).
Viewing ourselves as sojourners is an antidote to the pressure to build towers and an encouragement to sow seeds.
About 30 priests have joined in so far, donating 5 percent of their monthly salaries, Sojourners reported in May.
Barone, who rejects fixed notions of race and ethnicity, notes that earlier waves of immigrants from Italy, Ireland, and Eastern Europe were no more considered "white" or "American" than are today's sojourners from Latin America or Asia.
Top honors in the awards program went to the general interest magazine Sojourners and to Episcopal Life, the newspaper of the U.