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Shall I ever recall that street of Canterbury on a market-day, without recalling him, as he walked back with us; expressing, in the hardy roving manner he assumed, the unsettled habits of a temporary sojourner in the land; and looking at the bullocks, as they came by, with the eye of an Australian farmer!
With the prevalence of social media, the authors believe that ethnic media is no longer a negative factor that hinders sojourners adaptation to a new society and culture as theorized by previous intercultural and cross-cultural studies (Kim, 2001).
We understand that setting priorities is difficult for an organization like Sojourners, and that you are striving to bring religious and spiritual people together for the common good.
He was interviewed by Sojourners associate editor Rose Marie Berger in November 2006.
Lewis Libby, Sojourners, a Christian social justice group run by progressive evangelical activist Jim Wallis, has launched a letter-writing campaign raising questions about the rationale for the Iraq war.
CATHOLIC beat out the tough competition from publications such as The Christian Century, Sojourners, Episcopal Life, The Other Side, and The Lutheran to become the top award winner in this interdenominational press association.
In Strangers and Sojourners, the religious theme is again dominant, but it is played out chiefly in the minds of the central characters, without such direct heavenly guidance.
I look forward to each issue of Sojourners, but I must admit dismay when I started to read the articles by James Jones ("Priests in God's Garden") and Ched Myers ("Pay Attention to the Birds") in the December issue.
I was disappointed with Sojourners on reading "Family Matters" (by Julie Polter, January 2007).
It was necessary to human well-being and essential to the protection of vulnerable strangers." In a world without hotels or credit cards, sojourners and aliens depended on the hospitality of communities for food, shelter, and any sort of welcome.
Jim Wallis, one of the founders of the Sojourners Community in Washington, D.C., and the founding editor of Sojourners magazine, is one of the few people able to keep evangelical Christianity and the thirst for social justice in a healthy dialogue.
Joseph Nangle, who recently completed four years working in the liberal, evangelical Sojourners Community here.