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SN 2007st was found on the south-western horizon in galaxy NGC 692, just before its solar conjunction.
Watch the overview of NASA STEREO Solar Conjunction
The European Space Agency also has its own orbiter, Mars Express, which will likely be taking a load off to wait out the solar conjunction.
It evidently continued developing throughout solar conjunction, too, because when the planet reappeared in June the NEB was in an amazingly turbulent state, with dark formations spread all around its southern edge.
Neptune is too close to the Sun for observation during February and March, although by the end of March (despite its solar conjunction on February 21) it rises 50 minutes before the Sun.
Mars doesn't reach solar conjunction until July 1st, but it is too dim and too near the Sun to see from mid-May on.
It is on its way towards solar conjunction in May, and will be difficult by April.
After swinging through solar conjunction April 1st, Jupiter is still troublesomely low in bright dawn glow on May 1st.
It appears above the horizon starting around March 7, and reaches its highest elevation of about 10[degrees] on March 22, from whence it will drop again towards an early April solar conjunction.
Mars too is lost in the solar glare, heading toward solar conjunction on May 12th.
This was impossible to observe as it occurred 13 days prior to solar conjunction.
The comet passed through solar conjunction at the end of 1996 and emerged into good predawn visibility in mid- to late January.