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SOLARES, Spanish law. Lots of ground. This term is frequently found in grants from the Spanish government of lands in America. 2 White's Coll. 474.

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The catalyst that recently brought Solares and Gruwell together?
Solares then discussed Latin America, highlighting the unprecedented economic growth in the region over the past five years.
Na industria de celulas solares, as tecnicas de fabricacao focam-se em diferentes materiais e tecnologias.
In return, Tejas Solares will commit to using ICP's innovative solution in at least 2000 homes annually on the Spanish market.
Solares and Morales had previously signed an "anti-oligarchic" pact as well as a unity pact, but their relationship began to break apart as the two accused each other of ties to military officers who sought to promote a coup against Mesa.
Bringing water to the Croatians is a great thing," said BU1 Mario Solares.
JACK Berry's smart hurdler Solares (M Berry) sends favourite backers up the road smiling when trotting up at 9-4 in the Braehead Nov Hdle from Roger Fisher's Run Leah Run (Mr M Meagher).
Consider Mario Blanco and his graduate student Santiago Solares, at the Materials and Process Simulation Center at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena.
CeeCee Solares has been promoted to administrative assistant II.
Pedro Solares of Agenda Cuba said, "If this exhibition game takes place, it will forever taint American baseball history.
In the fiction of Ignacio Solares, one of Mexico's most highly regarded younger writers, Mexico City takes on mythic proportions.