Sold deceased relatives home, liable for repairs

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Country: Canada
State: British Columbia

We have currently sold a deceased relatives house to a couple. There was a inspection done on the house and made all the necessary repairs that were brought to our attention before all the contracts went through. We are no longer in possession of the house. The new home owners however were doing renovations recently and discovered that there was a carpenter ant problem. We were completely unaware of this and signed on the contracts that we were unaware of any problems in the house. Even though it is no longer our property we were contacted to go over there and were asked to pay for it. We offered to help with the work even though I think we aren't entitled to. But they have recently contacted us again saying that they are going to sue over this. They said there is a Claus that says if we didn't "maybe" on the contracts that were asking if we were aware of any problems with the house that they have grounds to sue us. Considering that we have never lived in the house, and we had the house inspected before the selling of the house, and we paid for and repaired all the problems that were spotted by the inspector before the house was sold, I don't think we are liable. Do they have the grounds to sue us over this?


No--and you could even sue the inspector if they try to indeed sue you...
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