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SOLE. Alone, single; used in contradistinction to joint or married. A sole tenant, therefore, is one who holds lands in his own right, without being joined with any other. A feme sole is a single woman; a sole corporation is one composed of only one natural person.

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Soli sensor data is also kept on smartphones and not shared with other Google services, according to Barbello.
Watch the ( video below to get an idea on how Project Soli might work.
Facebook told the FCC in September that it expected a "variety of use cases to develop with respect to new radar devices, including Soli." The Soli devices can be operated aboard aircraft but must still comply with Federal Aviation Administration rules governing portable electronic devices.
There is also evidence that getting rid of jus soli could create a human rights crisis.
Constitution, which grants citizenship on the jus soli basis, is driving birth tourism to the U.S.
Supporting the main cast are side characters who lend intriguing perspectives born of their own culture and belief systems: the Cassidys, who employ Soli; Uma, Kavya's traditionally minded mother; and Silvia, the cousin who takes Soli in.
Project Soli's ultimate goal is to take the human hand's finesse and apply it to the virtual world.
Repeated descriptions of Lucy as "light" and Soli as "dark" do not sufficiently differentiate between the two girls.
soli by nucleotide sequencing of the rpoB and gyrB genes and assigned identification no.
With the excavations still yet to be completed, many artifacts from Soli Pompeiopolis are expected to attract as many visitors as the ancient city of Ephesus in yzmir province.
The soli (two soprani, tenor, haute-contre, bass) all have solos that describe the Latin text in an emotional or dramatic fashion but it is the entire choir that creates much of the magnificence of this work, as it moves in waves ever higher as the piece progresses.
Earlier in the day, news broke out that Justice Ganguly had spoken to former Attorney General Soli Sorabjee saying that he was contemplating resigning from the office of WBHRC.