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Accepting the central string of galleries, Behnisch chose to make a relatively open block fronting the square for the ceremonial and public parts, and a more solid south block to rear for the archives.
Conservatives, in contrast, were delighted by the prospect of a traditionalist and biblically oriented Christianity arising in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, the creation of what American politicians once termed a Solid South.
The Democratic establishment was once vigorous and powerful, encompassing not only Washington's Hill barons, party officials, and a large labor movement, but also the heads of various state and city Democratic organizations, ranging from the courthouse cliques of the Solid South to Richard J.
Bishir combines the political history of turn-of-the-century North Carolina with an insightful explication of the architectural styles, historical predilections, and memorializing efforts of the state's Solid South leaders.
April 5,1908: Birth of Hollywood actress Bette Davis: In 1929 she made her first Broadway appearances, in Broken Dishes and Solid South, which led to a movie contract with Universal Pictures.