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I am a member of the National Executive of the Solidarity Trade Union.
Bedworth-based Mr O'Brien, the MP for North Warwickshire, said the pontiff would be remembered as "one of the great figures of our time" who returned to his native Poland in 1979 to support the Solidarity trade union.
This was when the Solidarity trade union represented the most potent internal threat to the Red Mob style of rule.
The former Gdansk shipyard worker, a Nobel Peace laureate and a founder of the Solidarity trade union movement in Poland, spoke of the change from a world of blocs and nation states to one of globalized information, intellect and technology.
The major stakeholders in this case are the Solidarity Trade Union, representing the non-designated South Africans, and the Ministry of Labor, the FEDUSA trade union federation, the Black Management Forum, all on the side of the designated South Africans.
Lech Walesa, the founder of Poland's Solidarity trade union, said: 'My life's dream has come true.
Special guests included Lech Walesa, former leader of the Solidarity trade union in the Pope's native Poland.
Events such as the election of Ronald Reagan, the birth of Poland's Solidarity trade union, and the financial insolvency of the Soviet Union would play key roles in the eventual dissolution of the Soviet bloc.
When I go abroad," the leader of the Solidarity trade union in the Krakow region told me, "and everyone starts congratulating me on how well Poland is doing, all I'm thinking is, Are they talking about the place where unemployment is 18 percent, youth unemployment near 50 percent and hundreds of firms, both old and new, are this close to collapse?
15 Mass in Washington to mark the 20th anniversary of the Solidarity trade union movement.
By the time Polish authorities stripped Ryszard Kapuscinski of his press credentials for his involvement with the Solidarity trade union movement in 1981, he had reported on twenty-seven revolutions.