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En realite en Pologne il y avait eu des troubles des l'ete de 1980, troubles conclues par les accords de Gdansk, reconnaissant le droit de greve, le droit a l'information et l'existence des syndicats independants, plus precisement << Solidarnosc >>.
While complaints against the Polish government by the IUF and Solidarnosc slowly wind their way through the United Nations' ILO, and the cases drag on in the notoriously slow Polish courts, the OECD submissions -- which are entirely independent of these other legal processes -- are designed to open up the negotiating process which PepsiCo refuses.
I drink vodka on a regular basis, both as a mixer and on its own, and like the idea that Solidarnosc Vodka has been made from a Polish recipe.
Poland's Solidarnosc, however, still refuses all contact with the reformed Communist trade union OPZZ.
Toutefois, le regime communiste et les manifestations de masse de Solidarnosc etant aujourd'hui releguees au passe, le culte du pere Popieluszko a pris un caractere prive, presque intime (p.
Politically, Gorecki has witnessed the collapse of Stalinism, the elevation of Karol Cardinal Wojtyla to the papal throne, the rise of Solidarnosc (Solidarity), and the freeing of Poland from communist rule, events that have provided compositional inspiration and opportunity.
He might regain control of the reins of Solidarnosc and launch a relentless campaign against President Aleksander Kwasniewski - possibly in an effort to prevent his re-election in 2000 - who, in Walesa's eyes, almost personifies the restoration of communism in Poland.
Gdansk shipyard workers went on strike and, with prayers and rallies, Solidarnosc was born in August, 1980 - giving laborers an independent voice.
Resolutions commending the progress and political victories of the Solidarnosc union in Poland and condemning the brutal repression of students and trade unionists in China passed without dissent.
The worker, Lech Walesa, happened to be the leader of the formerly dissident Solidarnosc trade union.
In spite all these, the most important opposition was that of the Solidarnosc trade union movement.