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The general role of writers, contact between specific writers and KOR (Komitet Obrony Robotnikow, Committee Defending Workers) and their support for Solidarnosc was noted by the military government of 1981.
En septiembre del mismo ano el Comite de Coordinacion de Huelga se legalizo como Comite de Coordinacion Nacional del Sindicato Libre Solidarnosc, y Lech Walesa fue elegido su presidente.
This dialogue was certainly decisive in the formation and success of Solidarnosc.
Ils avaient vu dans le soulevement des Polonais leur propre revolte, et ils s'avaient approprie la contestation du syndicat Solidarnosc contre le systeme communiste (11).
In 1990 the second congress of Solidarnosc supported a restrictive abortion bill project.
Poles remember that they were the first to shake the foundations of Communism, with Solidarnosc, with the Round Table that provided the model for a negotiated, peaceful revolution.
The fall of the Berlin Wall in Germany caused by a grassroots citizen movement, supported by Christian communities in the former East Germany, as well as the Solidarnosc trade union movement supported by the Catholic Church in Poland, are among the best known examples of recent history where citizen movements and religious actors joint forces.
Among the disappointments, the persistence of corruption and the underdevelopment of civil society are perhaps the most surprising, seeing that the great popular movement of Solidarnosc started in Gdansk as a protest against local corruption and in due course reached such proportions as to undermine the whole Polish regime.
Asimismo, alento la sed de justicia de los trabajadores polacos de Solidarnosc, frente al socialismo real (227).
The author was a member of Solidarnosc before emigrating to Germany, where he trained and worked as an historian before returning to Warsaw to join the German Historical Institute.
The foundation of the Solidarnosc (Solidarity) trade union, the power that had overthrown communism, was bluecollar workers in the giant national corporations.
Kaczynski se opuso al poder comunista con Lech Walesa, fue responsable politico en el sindicato Solidarnosc, Consejero del Presidente Walesa y Ministro de Seguridad Nacional.