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En abril de 1989 los representantes de Solidarnosc, todavia en semiclandestinidad, se encontraron con el lider del gobierno comunista, dirigido por el general Jaruzelski, y firmaron el acuerdo de la Mesa redonda, el cual relegalizaba los sindicatos disueltos, introducia la libertad de prensa y anunciaba elecciones parlamentarias semilibres.
Ther berichtet, dass "der Ausgangspunkt der Widerstande gegen das Regime" in regionalen Zentren wie der polnischen Stadt Danzig entstanden, wo die Gewerkschaftsbewegung Solidarnosc 1980 gegrundet wurde und sich dann auf das ganze Land ausweitete.
For example, when Martial Law was declared in Poland we had underground meetings in private houses all over the city organised by Solidarnosc. Often these meetings were conducted under cover of parties--wedding parties, birthday parties.
(41) As outlined at the very beginning of the paper, Central and Eastern Europe experienced several large-scale scale social movements, demonstrations or other forms of citizen participation such as the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, the Prague Spring, SolidarnoSC in Poland, Sajudis in Lithuania, and the Zajedno coalition in Serbia.
En ce sens, Wojciech Jaruzelsky, le dernier dictateur communiste en Pologne, a ete juge avec huit autres dirigeants communistes pour la repression contre l'opposition de Solidarnosc (Solidarite), durant laquelle des douzaines de personnes ont ete tuees.
The Spanish Inspiration in the Polish Context and the Protest Failure in the Country of "Solidarnosc"
Jacek Sariusz-Wolski is a trained economist, who became involved in politics through the Solidarnosc trade union.
In the decades following the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Third Republic of Poland presented a rearrangement of the different parties which had joined forces under the unique formation which Solidarnosc ("solidarity") was.
Obviously, the decreasing number of abortions was related to the social changes that occurred since 1980--the bloom of democracy and "Solidarnosc," or the Solidarity movement.
To name but two examples: The Polish Catholic movement Solidarnosc, by resisting the Communist Party, made a decisive contribution to the downfall of communism in Central and Eastern Europe.
Jerzy Popieluszko was a priest killed by the communists because of his position as chaplain in the Solidarnosc syndicate from Huta.
Extreme right-wing parties openly using antisemitic rhetoric were present in the Polish parliament (e.g., the extremist party Prawica Narodowa co-formed Akcja Wyborcza Solidarnosc in the elections of 1997).