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Solid laundry products have made a big impact over the past decade and are growing in popularity.
The Platonic solids, known to the ancient Greeks, consist entirely of identical regular polygons, which are defined as having equal sides and equal angles.
Since adopting solid modeling, Lanco Assembly Systems has reduced the time needed to prepare drawings for new assembly systems by 50 percent.
Dry solids and thin liquids are more difficult, and require closer attention to safe swallowing.
Much of the growth in solids is due to product innovations in low-residue and soft-solid products.
When used in conjunction with GibbsCam Exchange Option, Solids Import permits the user to read in 2-D and 3-D IGES design files, including surface data from industry standard CAD systems, such as CATIA, Helix, I-DEAS, and Pro/ Engineer.
As a result, the children had had a wide range of previous experiences with three-dimensional forms before they worked with Platonic solids. For example, they built solids with Polydrons, which are interlocking plastic polygonal pieces; constructed two-dimensional representations, or nets, of unfolded cereal boxes; and examined some properties of the forms that made up each of these representations.
The air and microorganisms help break down solids that did not settle out in the primary sedimentation tank.
Solid models convey information that surface and wireframe geometry do not, such as topology, volume, and mass properties.
Besides a wide variety of powder, other materials that can be heated or cooled include pellets, granules and other bulk solids. The Bulkflow heat exchanger combines two technologies, including heat transfer through moving beds of solids and the mass flow of bulk solids.
The study analyzes coatings consumption by the ten major technology systems including solvent-based high solids, solvent-based low solids, two-component low solids, two-component high solids, two-component water low solids, two-component water high solids, emulsions, water soluble, powder and radiation cured.