Solitary imprisonment

SOLITARY IMPRISONMENT. The punishment of separate confinement. This has been adopted in Pennsylvania, with complete success. Vide Penitentiary.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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I know that the account of this kind of solitary imprisonment is insufferably tedious, unless there is some cheerful or humorous incident to enliven it--a tender gaoler, for instance, or a waggish commandant of the fortress, or a mouse to come out and play about Latude's beard and whiskers, or a subterranean passage under the castle, dug by Trenck with his nails and a toothpick: the historian has no such enlivening incident to relate in the narrative of Amelia's captivity.
Have not men, shut up in solitary imprisonment, found an interest in marking the moments by straight strokes of a certain length on the wall, until the growth of the sum of straight strokes, arranged in triangles, has become a mastering purpose?
Anne smiled again, bravely facing the long years of solitary imprisonment before her.
Solitary imprisonment, with her husband for a jailer.
Keeping the brain active in solitary imprisonment is key in helping us to survive the loneliness and hardships, as there a saving, 'Use it or Lose it'.
Shafi was also directed to pay Rs200,000 in compensation or undergo six months solitary imprisonment with benefit of Section 382-B of the Code of Criminal Procedure.
The committee stated that the prisons administration forces the prisoners to meet their families and lawyers with their legs chained, in addition to being forced to solitary imprisonment in very narrow cells.
Meanwhile, solitary imprisonment would only be allowed by a judge if a prisoner instigates disobedience that may jeopardise order.
DAMASCUS, (SANA) -- The Committee for Supporting Liberated and Detained Syrian Prisoners in the Israeli Jails on Tuesday called on the UN and its organizations to shoulder its responsibilities regarding the oppression and torture carried out by the Israeli occupation against Syrian detainees in solitary imprisonment.
Among the prisoners in solitary imprisonment are Popular Front for the