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The world has forsaken me, I forsook the world, I wandered in the solitude of the forest, longing for death but finding none.
How can we be for ever together--sometimes in solitudes, sometimes amidst savage tribes--and unwed?
It was sweet, warm weather - too warm for travelling; but the heat did not hinder me from enjoying the delightful scenery above and below: had I seen it nearer August, I'm sure it would have tempted me to waste a month among its solitudes.
If those awful solitudes had spoken to my heart, I did not know it.
This, then, sirs, is to be a knight-errant, and what I have spoken of is the order of his chivalry, of which, as I have already said, I, though a sinner, have made profession, and what the aforesaid knights professed that same do I profess, and so I go through these solitudes and wilds seeking adventures, resolved in soul to oppose my arm and person to the most perilous that fortune may offer me in aid of the weak and needy.
And all around these forts and castles lay the eternal forest, and the roll of the drum died away in those deep solitudes.
With an insensibility to danger which I cannot call to mind without shuddering, we threw ourselves down the depths of the ravine, startling its savage solitudes with the echoes produced by the falling fragments of rock we every moment dislodged from their places, careless of the insecurity of our footing, and reckless whether the slight roots and twigs we clutched at sustained us for the while, or treacherously yielded to our grasp.