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The CSAI-2R is composed of 16 items that measure three subscales: cognitive anxiety, somatic anxiety, and self-confidence.
92) of the moderate scales of somatic anxiety, which showed a positive direction (facilitative) (1.
We sought to determine if there is a difference in cognitive anxiety, somatic anxiety, and self-confidence state subscale scores on the CSAI-2 for published norms for elite-level Olympic athletes as compared to international Special Olympics athletes.
The pre-intervention LP and HP tests both indicated no significant Group differences for performance, somatic anxiety, cognitive anxiety or confidence.
Conclusion: Patients with conversion disorder need to be assessed in detail for somatic anxiety symptoms in order to improve upon intervention strategies in this common psychiatric disorder.
Relative risk estimates suggest that males who reported somatic anxiety were at a risk for discomforts in the shoulders (OR 7.
Consistent with this research, Kirby and Liu's (1999) study of Chinese athletes found that track and field participants report higher somatic anxiety and lower self-confidence than do basketball players.
The characteristic difference between anxiety states with endocrine etiology and psychological etiology is the presence, in the foreground, of symptoms of somatic anxiety in endocrine patients who often do not show symptoms of subjective psychic anxiety.
25] In addition, it is believed that with the start of the race, the somatic anxiety will fall very rapidly while the cognitive anxiety will depends on how the individual is making progress during the competition.
It could be agitation, psychic anxiety, and somatic anxiety.
The most common symptom was depressed mood (100%) followed by difficulty in work and activities (98%), psychic anxiety (97%), and somatic anxiety (93%).