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An alternative to undifferentiated somatoform disorder for the somatizing patient in primary care.
If a plaintiff with a somatoform disorder or other psychopathology might be a difficult client for a legal practitioner, so also is such an individual often described as a "difficult" patient; in fact, there are medical courses directed at recognizing and dealing with the difficult patient.
In the DSM the psychological manifestation of dissociation is diagnosed as a Dissociative Disorder and the somatic domain is diagnosed as a Somatoform Disorder.
There is potentially much overlap between somatoform disorders such as conversion disorder and malingering.
28) Some have even presented ethical reasons for abandoning the category of somatoform disorders.
Epidemilogy of the association between somatoform disorders and anxiety and depressive disorder: an update.
The somatoform disorders are a group of psychological disorders in which a patient experiences physical symptoms despite the absence of an underlying medical condition that can fully explain their presences.
M is a teenager and somatoform disorders can present differently in adults.
It is important to examine health anxiety in order to better understand somatoform disorders and anxiety disorders.
It was hypothesized that adolescents with somatoform disorders are likely to report higher parental rejection and childhood abuse in comparison with the adolescents with general medical conditions.
The proposed diagnosis of somatic symptom disorders in DSM-V to replace somatoform disorders in DSM-IV a preliminary report.