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By some kind of miracle, the weather, too, decided to cheer up and it was sunny during my Aprilia test.
Unless he comes up with some kind of miracle he will head home a disappointed man once again, his hopes of going one better than last year's second place at Carnoustie shattered.
But for some unknown reason McClaren is written about as if he has achieved some kind of miracle at the Riverside by getting them into the top half of the league.
It's not that some kind of miracle recovery has happened.
Sir Paul said that although he knew that George had been ill for quite some time he had always hoped that some kind of miracle might happen.
He spins himself as some kind of miracle worker, but he isn't.
Everybody knows he's a Hearts man through and through - quite frankly to even think of changing management at this time, with the squad of players we have, you'd have to be some kind of miracle worker.
Either you can't handle top players or you are too wrapped up in your own beliefs that you are some kind of miracle man and can turn sows' ears into silk purses.
You are thrown in at the deep end and people look at you like you're some kind of miracle worker.
A part of me thought that wouldnt happen, and that some kind of miracle would occur to make me win.