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Country: United States of America
State: Texas

Someone posted billboard with my name, character picture of me. Put me in gay position by downtown Dallas on billboard. I am strait. BY where I was working. 50k people a day seen this. Also had party, said roasting ED, party for the city. He is a topless bar owner, organized crime type. He also had employees come to my work, harass me. Had someone threatens to kill me. I did get shot at. Etc. It blew my mind cost me my job at EDS, House, bankruptcy. The same guy that threatened me came to my new job. He got local crime rats, Compass's to follow me try to kill me. Is that clear labiality, Do average citizens have to put up with losing civil rights, privacy, like celebrities to blow their mind...I mean right in downtown Dallas Roasting ED, picture of me on knees, palms. had party invited city, I did have hit men following me. Working for minute wage after losing house, job???????. Something right out for Soprano's I still have to watch my back, I think I have lifetime hits on me from this.... I did nothing to cause this action.... He does have some power with city officials..... Do you think a attorney would take it due to danger???????. I wanted to file a civil suit????


It seems you could file suit against him and the company that put up the billboard...they had to know that that was wrong--file a police report as well...
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