Son got into a stolen car, chased by police

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Country: United States of America
State: New Hampshire

My 14 year old son got into a stolen car a few days ago,(peer pressure)the police started chasing the car and the driver who was drunk would not stop after he hit another vehicle he was boxed in by 4 cruisers at this time my son held the guys arms behind his back while the other kid (also 14) put the car into neutral. the other two boys then jumped out of the vehicle. the passenger and the boy in the back with my son, at this time the driver put the car in drive and hit the cruiser then he backed up and hit another while this was happening my son was trying to get out of the car(the door was locked)my son jumped out of the car when the police started shooting at the car he then stood with his hands in the air. from there he was cuffed and put in a cruiser while the driver took off only to crash into tree a few miles away. the problem I'm having is, the police officer told me they shot at the car not the driver and also told me my son was not in the car when he was. no charges were filed against the boys and none of them had there rights read to them, the shooting is being investigated as three cops discharged there firearms and this department has a history of shooting suspects. do I have any rights to get answers as to why I was lied to and also how they threw my child around and threatened to punch his front teeth out and how he could bleed to death when he asked for a band aid..I'm so angry not at just my son being so stupid but hearing he could of been killed my the police who then lied to me about. any advice will be helpful.


You may want to first file a complaint with the chief of the dept--the heads of the dept's are required to investigate these kinds of problems and normally will do so--file directly with him or her and do so in writing...if that does not work, let us know.
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