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SON, kindred. An immediate male descendant. In its technical meaning in devises, this is a word of purchase, but the testator may make it a word of descent. Sometimes it is extended to more remote descendants.

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Thus, in conformity to the transcendence of Nzambi Ampungu Tulendo, the Most-high, man is never deprived of his divine sonship, the Kimahungu, the Verb; though due to sin this nature become merely potential; hence the requirement of purification which is the cornerstone of the divine initiation.
8:17) This is the second privilege: to be co-heirs emphasizing the gratuity of the riches received, the link between heritage and sonship.
The Scriptures contain language related to adoption, sonship, and inheritance.
In this expanded edition of "Spiritual Slavery to Sonship--Your Destiny Awaits You" Jack and Trisha Frost share their story of transformation when they relinquished their orphan hood mindset to embrace the truth of Sonship.
God is Father and Son because fatherhood implies sonship.
They are Israelites, and to them belong the sonship, the glory, the covenants, the giving of the law, the worship, and the promises; to them belong the patriarchs, and of their race, according to the flesh, is the Christ" (Rom 9.
Clearly, this "faith in the Son of God" means Paul's faith in Jesus, but it also presumes that Jesus himself is worthy of faith, based no=t only on his having loved us even unto death but also on his divine sonship.
Another factor is the evolution of Jesus himself, in his own self-understanding; from the discovery of who his "Father" was when his parents thought that he was lost in the Temple (cf Lk 2:49-50), to his confirmation of sonship at his baptism (cf Lk 3:22) and his messianic mission at the Transfiguration (cf Lk 9:35).
Our acknowledgement of daughterhood and sonship of the Blessed Virgin is extremely humane.
The special authority associated with this uniquely male reproductive ability was magnified, of course, by the deification of Kronberger, which underscored George's divine sonship.
from whose blackness they take their name,"' he also asserts that through conversion they "lose their sonship with the Devil and in God become white as snow.
Courses translated from TEE programmes in Africa and South America have been adapted to the Pakistani context, addressing relevant issues such as the joint family system, and the Christian understanding of Christ's divine sonship.