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Duncan finished with 11 points, 11 rebounds, a pair of assists and one very sore mouth.
Hypertension--Dry, sore mouth, erosions or red-white spots on cheek, tongue and lips
A sore throat is often an early symptom of a pending cough or cold: Diabetic Tussin throat spray helps provide temporary relief of sore throat and sore mouth as well as irritated mouth and gums without ingredients that may pose a risk to the diabetes patient's condition.
She said: "My hair fell out, it made me feel sick, I got a really sore mouth and I was extremely tired.
I sometimes get a sore mouth after using my preventer inhaler.
We've been told to expect his blood counts to drop rapidly, so he will be prone to infection and get sleepy, he will get a sore mouth, tummy and bottom which will be extremely painful, his hair will go and sickness and all the rest.
It is also known by several other alternative names, including sore mouth, scabby mouth and contagious pustular dermatitis.
Mr Meredith senior suffered a sore mouth and bent glasses in the attack and his son suffered a cut hand and grazes to his cheek.
Hand foot and mouth disease mainly affects children and symptoms include feeling generally unwell with a sore mouth for a day or two before a rashappears.
The symptoms include fever, sore mouth and the development of a rash.
After yesterday's win Meade said: "He had a touch of a sore mouth and that might have contributed to what happened.