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On July 11, at the Victoria Theatre in Halifax, it will stage a Tour de Force, a music and dance celebration showcasing pupils talents with musicians from the Souled Out Band.
In the quarter of a century which has passed since - and has seen Marti become a star of the West End in musicals like Chicago, Chess and The Witches of Eastwick in more recent years - the band have clocked up a crowd of hit albums like Popped In Souled Out, High On The Happy Side and 10, as well as a shedload of singles including Goodnight Girl, Temptation, Wishing I Was Lucky, Sweet Surrender, Julia Says and, of course, the Troggs cover which stuck to the number one spot like a barnacle, Love Is All Around.
An impressively varied bill also includes a gravely voiced, dark souled songwriter called Ciaran Lavery, the ever reliable NI Soul Troop and a whole host of promising new acts set for a big 2013.
Although her solo albums favour her more eclectic, acoustic side, Dore continues to court diversity with collaborations, notably with Souled Out, who remixed her single Time Goes By to produce a European club hit.
The investment into the film, originally titled Souled Out, was in Souled Out - The Film Ltd, a company employing Natasha Carlish as a regional producer through Dreamfinder.
Souled Out: Reclaiming Faith & Politics after the Religious Right
Souled Out never attempts to define liberalism or conservatism with regard to the U.S.
Souled Out: Reclaiming Faith and Politics After the Religious Right
1987 Debut album Popped In Souled Out gave them four hit singles: Sweet Little Mystery, Temptation, Angel Eyes and Wishing I Was Lucky.
Wind-powered art and singing trees and a film festival debuted two important documentaries: Beautiful Losers and The Man who Souled the World.
Souled American; how Black music transformed White culture.
Which group had a No 1 album in 1988 with Popped In Souled Out?