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The co-producers believe other film production companies, faced with ever-shrinking budgets and the prospect of recession, will be interested in the working model on Souled Out and it could soon become the industry standard.
Producers Christine Alderson of Ipso Facto Films and Natasha Carlish Dreamfinder Productions have been developing Souled Out for the past five years and with the recent resurgence of interest in Northern Soul music, the start of production on the film couldn't be more timely.
Elginborn Keb, a consultant on Souled Out, was a dancer at the Wigan Casino before becoming an expert on the music and travelling all over the world.
The singer was souled on this technicoloured creation to strut her stuff at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York in February.
The feature, to be run on Granada on both Good Friday and Easter Monday, is the first broadcast breakthrough for Souled Out Films.
Wet Wet Wet came second with their debut Popped in, Souled Out.
The concert is the only confirmed Scottish date on 20-stone Rik's Souled As Scene Beyond Reality 2004 tour.
Paul Young was the star cabaret and dancing was to the fabulous music of Souled Out 2 Funk.
And The Silver Leaf Jazz Band will showcase some toe-tapping tunes in the village hall on Saturday October 18 and a Swinging 60s/70s soul night Souled Out is scheduled for Saturday November 15 (pounds 10 including a hot sop supper).
Strumthing else: Dawn as Suzi Kettles in Tutti Frutti; Souled out: Dawn and Iain played Bill Paterson's sidekicks
With a cabaret performed by Tony Hadley and dancing to the music of Souled Out, many guests were reluctant to leave the ball at the finish.
Souled Out Films, who made their debut with this project, say it wouldn't and couldn't have been made without the support of an inspired motley crew.