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Equipped with a motion sensor, Blister responds to movement with realistic helicopter sound effects.
We created this app to entertain our users and to offer them the best DJ sound effects as well as to enable DJs to use our effects in their songs and music.
I'm more animated, so I always go back to doing my sound effects with some physical humor.
The company is developing artificial sound effects for hybrid cars because the new electric cars that are set to hit markets around the world are too quiet and pose a safety risk for pedestrians.
Even though we love the amazing power of music and sound effects, we often present our PowerPoint shows with nothing more than our human voice accompanying the projected images.
You can use sound effects to liven up a whole story.
While frantically trying to work out a routine for a mime assessment, the duo discovered that their particular combination of sound effects and mime was funny.
The play contains grisly killings, from meat cleaver murders to point- blank shootings, and director Roy Miller has included 63 haunting sound effects in the show, which starts its week-long run on Saturday.
Burtt and his crew created up to 1,300 new sound effects for The Phantom Menace.
These studios can edit your tapes and then add music and sound effects to give the tape a professional image.
Many people think that a multimedia program must have music, narration, sound effects, video and spectacular graphics.
Racine's gritty sound effects are ideal, but not enough, while Stravinsky is simply too much.