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The equipment that used for completing the acoustic ripeness tester was microphone, computer and the software called Frequency Analyzer to measure the sound frequency.
As an alternative, the thickest portion of a weight-forward fly line, delivered unerringly to the same target will achieve an identical result, even though the sound frequency may be slightly different.
Data is sent twice daily to a computer server in Brisbane, where results are displayed in a spectrogram--a continuous graph of sound frequency over time.
The sound frequency was controlled with signal generator, and it was usually kept constant during the entire tests.
When a certain sound frequency was emitted, the motion became highly complex.
The SPY PHONE enables the operator to detect any type of inline pig without regard to whether the sound frequency is high or low.
What's more, LG's new "Clear Voice" technology automatically enhances the sound frequency range of the dialogue even when background noise swells.
If additional mass is deposited onto the quartz disk, the resonant frequency changes, analogous to the change in the sound frequency of a struck water glass when water is added to it.
Listeners are interested in the perceptual dimensions of sound pitch and loudness, which correspond to the physical properties of sound frequency and intensity.
The power of sound frequency and vibration through music in healing - a case study of brain injury and autism
The strength of the echoes from objects in the ocean strongly depends on sound frequency.