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It could be something in the sound frequency that reminds her of something or the pulse of the rings or, as you suggest, an ultrasonic sound she can't figure out.
Interestingly, a target sound is more readily masked by background noise whose frequency composition is slightly lower than the target sound frequency compared with the background noise composed of frequencies slightly higher than the target sound frequency [32,34].
Exposed teenagers performed worse across every sound frequency tested, especially those frequencies vital to understanding speech.
Each sound frequency (low to high) is directed separately to its dedicated speaker.
The objective aim of this research are to explain the theory of fruit ripe assessment by knocking on the fruit skin, created a simple tool that can be used to determining a fruit ripeness without injuring the fruit by using the knocking method on the fruit skin and to know the range of sound frequency from the fruit knocking on each harvesting age.
I really liked the Bug strange pulsing light from my iPhone screen and, according to Fossil Software, "uses ultrasonic sound frequency to keep flying insects away.
It has been found that increasing sound frequency leads to a reduction in minimum fluidization velocity, and then to an increase in minimum fluidization velocity.
Music was incorporated with the same sound frequency as the body's organs/cells, which proves to be an effective healing modality.
As an alternative, the thickest portion of a weight-forward fly line, delivered unerringly to the same target will achieve an identical result, even though the sound frequency may be slightly different.
Data is sent twice daily to a computer server in Brisbane, where results are displayed in a spectrogram--a continuous graph of sound frequency over time.
The sound frequency was controlled with signal generator, and it was usually kept constant during the entire tests.