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This neighbor said there was no other reason for this except the sound waves.
Each of the spirals slows sound waves by a specific amount, so organising them in a group can bend the shape of in incoming wave of sound.
More sense tissue (such as bone) causes the sound waves to reflect and it appears white on the screen.
Because scientists refer to protons and neutrons as baryons, these early sound waves are called baryon acoustic oscillations.
Caption: A proposed acoustic topological insulator relies on a network of counterclockwise spinning metal cylinders, each of which churns surrounding air and manipulates incoming sound waves.
It uses gentle mechanical force created by sound waves to recover whole, unaltered cancer cells that can be used for further testing.
Thin film liquid is added to the surface of the chip, and the sound waves are then used to control its flow.
The best entries will be rewarded with tickets to Sound Waves, which will also feature an appearance by South Tyneside soul singer Lulu James.
Last year Little Mix and McFly took the headline slots at Sound Waves, which is organised by South Tyneside Council.
2 ( ANI ): A new technology called an "acoustic diode," which has been envisioned by researchers in China's Nanjing University, could dramatically improve future ultrasound images by changing the way sound waves are transmitted.
Chart-topping boyband McFly, whose hits include Five Colours in Her Hair and Shine A Light, are co-headlining Sound Waves 2013 at Bents Park, South Shields, on Sunday, August 25, alongside internationally renowned girl band Little Mix.
Remember that sound waves require some kind of matter to propagate, and it can be almost any type of matter.