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Dr Tom Hayward from the University of Sheffield and Professor John Cunningham from the University of Leeds have together come up with a completely new solution: passing sound waves across the surface on which the wires are fixed.
By changing the levels and distribution of the high-pitched and high-intensity sound waves, the device can move ball through the air.
The counterclockwise motion of the air should force sound waves into a counterclockwise path along the edge of the device.
The device creates a sound wave which pushes abnormal tumour cells to one side, away from white blood cells.
It uses gentle mechanical force created by sound waves to recover whole, unaltered cancer cells that can be used for further testing.
Tickets to Sound Waves, costing PS30 for adults and PS20 for ages five-16, are currently available from The Customs House in South Shields (call 0191 4541234 or visit www.
Tickets for Sound Waves 2014 are PS30 for adults, PS20 children, and are available from The Customs House, South Shields on 0191 4541234 or www.
Researcher Jian-chun Cheng said that the one-way flow of sound would provide brighter and clearer ultrasound images by eliminating acoustic disturbances caused by sound waves going in two directions at the same time and interfering with each other.
The winner will receive one pair of tickets to Sound Waves 2013.
Out in space, there are some interstellar gas clouds that could provide a medium for sound waves to propagate.
These powerful sound waves result from a sudden change in pressure, velocity, and temperature.
The resulting sound waves travel through the air, sometimes for thousands of kilometers.