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But I'll feel easier in my mind and sleep sounder at nights if we get a born Canadian.
Perhaps the elder lady, as she gazed at the vulgar, ruddy cathedral, and listened to the talk of Helen and her husband, may have detected in the other and less charming of the sisters a deeper sympathy, a sounder judgment.
If we have been tired or hungry, we have been soon refreshed, and slept the sounder for it.
These reflections had tamed and brought down to a pitch of sounder judgment a temper, which, under other circumstances, might have waxed haughty, supercilious, and obstinate.
When he came back after removing the coal-scuttle, Tommy Brock was lying a little more sideways; but he seemed even sounder asleep.
I thought you had sounder sense than to get mixed up in foreign hodge-podge of this sort.
The clerk slept a great deal sounder than his principal that night; and, cuddling his children after breakfast (of which he partook with a very hearty appetite, though his modest cup of life was only sweetened with brown sugar), he set off in his best Sunday suit and frilled shirt for business, promising his admiring wife not to punish Captain D.
MLS enthusiasts get an early chance to inspect new franchise Los Angeles FC but an opening trip to the CenturyLink Field to face last season's beaten finalists Seattle Sounders is not an easy start, writes Aaron Ashley.
Seattle Sounders forward Jordan Morris will miss the 2018 MLS season because of a torn knee ligament.
The Seattle Sounders won't comment on the injury until Monday, according to the Seattle Times.
Hinton - an ambassador for the Sounders - reckons they are a much more fun reward than the medals players get in British football.
But now, the USA international has returned to his former club Seattle Sounders and has started his pre-season training early in a bid to ensure he is in peak physical condition come the start of the second-tier campaign.