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Typically, though, you won't be able to access the source document but an abstract thereof (which should provide you with enough information to decide if you should access an article from an online newspaper or magazine).
This product gives the user access to the Master Tax Guide, Code, regulations and most other source documents.
FileCabinet Solution[R]--an advanced document management system that enables you to store financial reports, invoices, tax returns, and other source documents as electronic images--making the paperless office a reality.
Known as the Nuremberg Project, law students have gathered and edited primary source documents compiled by American prosecutors who submitted them as evidence during the 1946 Nuremberg War Crimes trial.
In return for its conservatorial assistance, the Library of Congress will receive copies of the rare source documents and plans to make them available to researchers.
Larger studies and other source documents on privacy policy are divided into four issue areas -- online privacy, medical privacy, financial privacy, and government surveillance.
A key feature is EDI's freedom from paper: Traditional source documents in a vendor-client relationship, such as purchase orders and invoices, do not exist in paper form.
Individual coordinators would retain the source documents that they used to certify the gang information.
For example, with large accounting systems, there are summary entries that "roll-up" from the source documents to the ultimate summary entries in the general ledger.
In contrast to the first edition, which had no separate bibliography, this volume contains 60 pages of bibliography (mostly secondary literature), a 24-Page index of source documents and 114 pages of other indexes.
The fifteen chapters that make up the main body of the text, each populated with a variety of related source documents and interpretive texts from a cadre of international experts in a variety of fields, are devoted to capitalism and its discontents, domesticating the West, the world of work in industrial America, and a wide variety of related subjects.
Wiki concepts can also be applied to other kinds of online activities, and the success of Wikipedia led to related references including a Wiktionary dictionary and thesaurus, Wikiquote compilation of quotations, Wikisource collection of source documents, and more than 250 volunteer-authored textbooks and manuals called Wikibooks.