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beaucoup moins que] Mes souvenirs au passe compose [beaucoup plus grand que], fruit d'une somme impressionnante de reconstitutions historiques, offre par la pluralite des thematiques, le moyen de rendre compte et de visualiser la profusion des evenements, des etapes qui ont construit, au fil des siecles, une histoire en perpetuel mouvement.
The question was: "What do you think are the top three souvenirs you should buy on a holiday in Turkey?
To be more clearly, it can be said that tourists bring back food specialties back home from specific destinations as food souvenirs for themselves or for others.
The Ministry of Economy fined 22 stores across the country for hiking the price of National Day souvenirs.
Set in a world where sentimental value is everything, Souvenirs shows its audience four different stories evolving from four ordinary and seemingly boring objects such as a wine bottle and a cardboard box.
Visitors and tourists get about 70 percent of their souvenirs from Asir markets including the Tuesday market, Khamis Mushait, Rafidah and other popular markets across the country," he said.
These souvenirs include a customised special stamps presentation pack, a set of Maximum Cards, postcards and a stamp key chain.
A BRITISH diver is among four salvage workers held as police caught them hunting for souvenirs in the stricken cruise ship Costa Concordia.
As part of this campaign, Hangzhou seeks to preserve the spirit of Marco Polo's mission -- to encourage travelers to share their knowledge and experience of the local customs and different cultures of cities across the globe through travel souvenirs and memorabilia on the social media platform Facebook.
In this contribution to the emerging field of critical tourism, international scholars introduce the concept of 'glocal,' which combines global and local constructions of souvenirs of place, people, and experience.
In the US, for example, between around 1890 and 1910 dozens of companies were involved in their manufacture, designed as souvenirs of cities, resorts and exhibitions.
com)-- “Swish Ideas,” a leading brand for gifts & souvenirs, has recently launched their website.