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At the sale of the chevalier's effects, which took place at that time, Suzanne, anxious to obtain a souvenir of her first and last friend, pushed up the price of the famous snuff-box, which was finally knocked down to her for a thousand francs.
But be very careful of yourself, for you're a souvenir of my dear Margolotte.
The last adieu was a trifle husky, and Tom vanished as it was uttered, leaving Polly to laugh over his parting souvenir till the tears ran down her cheeks.
Two of the eleven are filled with Marie van Houtte roses, two with Viscountess Folkestone, two with Laurette Messimy, one with Souvenir de la Malmaison, one with Adam and Devoniensis, two with Persian Yellow and Bicolor, and one big bed behind the sun-dial with three sorts of red roses (seventy-two in all), Duke of Teck, Cheshunt Scarlet, and Prefet de Limburg.
A Dutch man was investigated after stealing PyeongChang Olympic souvenirs, including mascot dolls, at Incheon International Airport, police said Wednesday.
MAKKAH: The Ministry of Commerce and Investment continues its campaign in Makkah against selling souvenirs of the Kaaba, Maqam Ibrahim and Al-Haram Al-Makki because of what it called "preserving its sanctity" after shops were notified through inspection tours.
Summary: Mohammad Bin Zayed orders Naturalisation Departments across the country to give out "You Country, Your Responsibility" souvenirs
Citizens and residents thronged the venue in large numbers on Friday to buy special souvenirs, dresses and food items prepared as part the QND celebrations.
Tenders Are Invited for Production and delivery of advertising and information materials and souvenirs, Related to providing information, Publicity and visualization in the implementation of the mes functions.
There has been a surge in demand for mementos, souvenirs and other gift items bearing Qatari themes and images of major landmarks in the country, spurred by a wave of patriotic fervour triggered by the economic and diplomatic boycott by some Gulf Arab states.
The souvenirs, all made in Nicosia, are one of the results of the 'Old Nicosia Revealed' project which started more than four years ago.
beaucoup moins que] Mes souvenirs au passe compose [beaucoup plus grand que] est le titre d'un ouvrage ecrit par Kamel Benyaa, publie recemment aux editions Lazhari Labter et Pixal Communication.