Sovereign state

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SOVEREIGN STATE. One which governs itself independently of any foreign power.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Political and strategic expert, Professor Mohamed Hassan Ahmed also rejected USA attempts to intervene in Sudanese affairs, stressing that no country has the right to interfere in the internal affairs of the country and that Sudan is a sovereign state. sn/ab
However, Pakistan disregarded the collective aspirations of the Baloch nation and violated international laws by attacking and annexing a sovereign state. "Hence, Pakistan trampled all UN and international conventions under its feet and forcibly occupied and annexed the sovereign Baloch state" it further added.
We live in a sovereign state and no one would be allowed to cross the borders', he declared in categorical terms.
Talking in a TV programme on Iranian Press TV, Garrie asserted that under the leadership of Khan, Pakistan has stood in front of United States as a sovereign state.
Being the main and inalienable attribute of our sovereign state, the state emblem for a quarter of a century symbolizes the freedom of the people of Kyrgyzstan and the independence of our state.
Barbed wire at borders is measure by a sovereign state to check/deny illegal crossings.
Baghdad / NINA / - Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohamed Al-Halbusi stressed the importance of adherence to constitutional times in the selection of positions of sovereign state. The Speaker of the Parliament Halbusi, met today with the envoy of US President Brett McGurk, and the meeting discussed the political and security situation in Iraq and the region and ways of maintaining coordination between Iraq and the United States in the field of combating terrorism and ensuring security and stability at Iraqi and regional levels, the Information Office of the Speaker of Parliament said.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Colombia decided to recognize Palestine as a sovereign state only days before Ivan Duque took office, according to an official letter by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Colombia, Aria Angela Holguin, to the Palestinian Foreign Minister, Riyad al-Malki.
Beijing policy dictates that China will refuse diplomatic relations with any country that recognizes the island as a sovereign state.
Echoing this, Siphan said Cambodia is a sovereign state, and any act against the Kingdom's leaders equally affects the people and will effectively destroy Cambodia-US relations.
Mohammed bin Abu Bakr Al Ghassani, Deputy Chairman of Majlis Al Shura stressed the Sultanate's permanent position on the legitimate national rights of the Palestinian people to establish their independent and sovereign state with East Jerusalem as its capital.