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The National Pig Association said it was asked to confirm at a recent meeting with Defra that no British pig farmer was still using sow stalls, which have been banned in the UK since 1999 and will be prohibited across the EU from 1 January 2013.
Sow stalls for dry sow and farrowing crates for lactating sows have been used for about the last 40 years in Taiwan.
In sow stalls, the female pigs are trapped, unable to even turn around, for their entire 16-week pregnancy and for pregnancy after pregnancy.
New EU-wide rules on the use of sow stalls, which come into force on 1 January 2013, will add an average of [pounds sterling]4 to the production costs of each pig - and are set to put an end to super-cheap European pork, producer organisation Bpex has warned.
Meanwhile, concerns about compliance with the forthcoming EU ban on sow stalls is better than had been expected, Defra said.
ONLY 10 EU nations are likely to be ready for the partial ban on sow stalls when it comes into force in January next year, according to information obtained by Compassion in World Farming (CIWF).
She said that while animal welfare campaigners have been very successful in raising awareness of conditions suffered by battery chickens, the plight of pigs reared in small cages or sow stalls is still unknown to many.
Ask thousands of pig farmers facing ruin because of the sow stall and tether ban.
The most egregious case at present relates to the ban on sow stalls.
Farmers use sow stalls to deal with feeding and aggression problems, but they are very constricting.
Experts warn the cost will rocket by 20% as supplies of pork plummet and farmers forced to axe sow stalls go out of business.