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The moisture content of soy milk powder produced at 204[degrees]C was 4.
Materials were used in this observation included Pasteurized skim milk (milk factory Pak Ara Sanandaj), sterilized soy milk (ACE CANNING CORP made in Malaysia), nonfat dried milk (Arya Rama Tehran company), cream 30% fat, pasteurized and homogenized, stevia powder (with purity 99%, that is 300 times sweeter than sucrose which is Made in France, Takfa company, Tehran), isomalt powder (98% purity, and with content half sweetness of sucrose, made in Russia from Noosh Azmoon Shimi company, Tehran), carboxy methyl cellulose CMC (made in Denmark), palsgaard (made in Denmark), sesame oil and sesame extract.
Soy milk is a nutritious beverage that can be used in place of cow milk in any recipe; in making yogurt, gravies, soups, etc.
Soy milk is the next stage in preparation, and we have found several ways to fit it into our diets.
What to do: It's too early to say whether soy milk or formula contributes to peanut allergies.
While soy protein and soybeans are prevalent ingredients in a wide range of food products, including baby food, bakery ingredients cereal, cheeses, cooking and salad oils, energy bars, margarine, meat alternative and soy milk, they have been largely invisible to many main-stream consumers--and retailers.
The nut butters and preserves sell for around $5 and the soy milk for 79 cents.
Approximately 20 percent of the drinks sold by retailers we work with worldwide are served with soy milk," says Michael Szyliowicz, chocolatier and co-founder of Mont Blanc Gourmet.
Globally, soy milk is a widely consumed dairy alternative beverage.
And just in case there did happen to be anyone with a case of the munchies, the Silk soy milk company had plenty of chocolate flowing in a huge fountain.
To get 25 grams, you'd need the equivalent of some four (eight-ounce) cups of soy milk or 12 ounces of tofu every day.