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Based on our observations, previous RP sling placement does not seem to cause as much scar tissue in the space of Retzius as a previous MMK or Burch procedure, and removal of the sling arms is relatively straightforward.
Representative CT scan images demonstrated diffuse air within the bladder wall extension into the space of Retzius and subcutaneous fat.
It is located in the extraperitoneal space of Retzius, which is bounded by the parietal peritoneum posteriorly and the tranversalis fascia anteriorly.
3,21) Diagnostic criteria for urachal carcinoma include (1) tumor in the dome; (2) absence of cystitis cystica and cystitis glandularis; (3) predominant invasion of the muscularis or deeper tissues with a sharp demarcation between the tumor and surface bladder urothelium that is free of glandular or polypoid proliferation; (4) urachal remnants within the tumor; (5) extension into the bladder wall with involvement of the space of Retzius, anterior abdominal wall, or umbilicus; and (6) no evidence of a primary neoplasm elsewhere.

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