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These two space probes provided many spectacular close-up views of the four outer planets known as the gas giants.
In 1959, the Soviets launched the first space probe to land on the moon.
In October, NASA is planning to launch the Cassini space probe to Saturn.
Another document stresses the high cost of the kind of RTGs used on the Galileo probe and which NASA plans to utilize on a series of future space probes.
Pioneer IV, which will be officially named Artificial Planet Two, was the last of a series of five lunar and space probes authorized by President Eisenhower last March.
They conclude in 2000 with the Pioneer space probes and the nascent International Space Station.
If the space probes make it safely off the launch pad and into outer space, there are other dangers.
His last album, which was also space themed, called "Space Probes" contained musical interpretations of select space probes of achievement.
Since then, people have been to the moon and back, sent space probes to Mars and Saturn, and constructed an international space station.