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The company said the randomised study will demonstrate the safety and efficacy of the ProSpace biodegradable spacer to protect the rectum and lower GI tract during radiation therapy for prostate cancer compared to patients without any spacers.
Implantable balloon solutions company BioProtect revealed on Tuesday the start of its clinical trial of the ProSpace biodegradable spacer in aid of patients undergoing the prostate cancer radiotherapy following the US FDA's Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) approval in November 2017.
Measurements included characteristics of clonal growth and expansion (number of ramets, number of spacers, total rhizome length, total spacer length, node length of spacer and number of nodes), morphology (ramet height, ramet base diameter, average node length, number of leaves, total leaf area and specific leaf area), and ramet biomass and allocation (whole ramet, shoot, root, rhizome, spacer and shoot-root ratio).
Partial spacers, like I-spacer and T-spacer, cover specific tissues based on different clinical situations.
The open structure of the multifunctional ASD feed spacer in general induce an equal flow distribution in the feed channel.
Conwed manufactures a full line of feed spacers that are part of layer configurations in RO spiral wound elements.
gifed Institute of Precast Concrete Units of Germany and Steel Reinforcement institute have worked towards authorizing the use of plastic spacers of various shapes, according to DIN 1045 standard specification.
There are a number of spacers available on prescription.
In this latest Cochrane review, Cates et al (1) added 4 new studies to those included in their earlier Cochrane meta-analysis, and looked at what, if any, effect these studies had on our understanding of nebulizers vs MDIs with spacers.
8220;Jeep owners demand quality built parts, we built these spacers to last but we also wanted to make an artistic statement with them” states Greg Chan, Marketing Director.
Fortify I adds to the Giobus portfolio of expandable spacers.