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The scams range from simple suitcase switches to impersonating private investigators and not forgetting selling Spanish Fly to men in need of a helping hand in the bedroom, years before Viagra appeared on the market, despite advertising it as "genuine 100 per cent placebo".
This is largely due to the work of DJ Koolaid and her husband and producer E-Dub who converted their show, originally a hip hop program, into the first radio show to play underground acts like Lil' Rob and Spanish Fly.
Just as the best-selling Portnoy's Complaint failed to turn liver into anyone's lover, Dawson's Creek has not proven to be the small-screen equivalent of Spanish fly.
She frequently appeared nude in the erotic 1998 film Spanish Fly, which she also wrote and directed.
How the gentleman from Utah made it easier for kids to buy speed, steroids, and Spanish fly
Spanish Fly is also poisonous and, therefore, illegal in the United States.
Attending physicians noted that the symptoms resembled those seen in men who had overindulged in a drug called cantharidin -- popularly known as Spanish fly -- which is extracted from a particular beetle for its purported value as an aphrodisiac.
But he later made her take drugs including amyl nitrate, or poppers, and the aphrodisiac Spanish Fly.