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The scams range from simple suitcase switches to impersonating private investigators and not forgetting selling Spanish Fly to men in need of a helping hand in the bedroom, years before Viagra appeared on the market, despite advertising it as "genuine 100 per cent placebo".
How the gentleman from Utah made it easier for kids to buy speed, steroids, and Spanish fly
Attending physicians noted that the symptoms resembled those seen in men who had overindulged in a drug called cantharidin -- popularly known as Spanish fly -- which is extracted from a particular beetle for its purported value as an aphrodisiac.
Dr Jeff Matthews, who plays rhythm and lead guitar in his band, Spanish Fly, said: "It's a great experience as the camp involves several days of total immersion in the music we love.
SPANISH FLY Fabregas shows his joy - and relief - after his match-winning penalty; PARTY ON THE PITCH Spain stars celebrate after Fabregas' spot-kick; PARTY IN THE PARK Spain players - and some locals - relax yesterday
From medieval times onwards the Spanish fly was reputed to be an aphrodisiac, the philosopher's stone of the lovelorn male, and certainly more easily acquired than powdered rhinoceros horn.
Apparently the secret ingredient of vuka-vuka is a particularly randy beetle, similar to Spanish Fly, already a well-known ancient pick-me- up.