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Diagenetic processes starts with the crystallization of low- Mg sparry calcite (microspar) as radial aggregates normal to the depositing surface of micritic microbial filaments (Fig.
Two silt and shale lentils mark the base of the Spar Mountain Member and the upper Fredonia bed is a thick sparry oolite.
This memoir is based on transcripts of hundreds of hours of recorded interviews made by Alexander's grandson John Sparry in the final years of Alexander's life, as well as interviews with Alexander's friends and fellow WWII veterans, and on unpublished writings by Sparry's grandmother Mary Alexander.
2006) Robbing the Sparry Garniture: a 200-Year History of British Mineral Dealers.
But Recorder Ni sParry told her: "You are an intelligent woman and you were the postmistress.
All of the significant lead, zinc, andiron sulphides (and oxidized equivalents) at Eclipse were interpreted to rest on top of coarsely crystalline sparry dolomite and extend upward from a centimeter to more than several meters.
Recycling more and consuming less might seem like a modern message, but for John Sparry it is old news.
The fluid fluxes appear to be low, however, as shown by the relatively small amounts of cement formed, commonly white sparry calcite (Machel et al.
COQUILLE - Kristine Fusselman and Sarah Sparry each scored for the Red Devils in the win over the Lancers.