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Mr Sparry tours the Black Country giving talks on the area's traditions and tales.
Step 3: Obtain various physical (P/T, crystal structure) and geochemical (isotopes, trace elements) and/or paleomagnetic data for selected diagenetic phases of interest, such as replacive dolomite(s), sparry calcite cements, etc.
Large coarsegrains of sparry calcite which were white and grey in colour were observed to be dominant in Plates 1 and 7.
HISTORIAN and raconteur John Sparry has recalled the day when the wife of the notorious murderer Dr Crippen appeared in Dudley.
Sparry calcite cement and scattered quartz silt filled the micro-cracks.
Locally abundant calcareous rip-up clasts are composed of concentric layers of finely crystalline calcite developed around a core of sparry calcite.
30pm, Hurst Green School, Old Radio Shows by John Sparry.
Local resident Helen Wilde, aged 33, a mother-of-three, from Sparry Drive, said: "It's something else we don't need.