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The CF in MovieLens uses user rating data to construct sparse matrix which make predictions and recommendation according to similarity values.
ij] on a sparse matrix, wherein i and j community the existence of at least one side.
5) first and precompute optimised entries for the sparse matrix B to achieve higher accuracy [30, 31].
The principle is to benefit from the fact that 7 is a sparse matrix with 0(l) non null entries.
We consider the Erdos networks from the Pajek group of the University of Florida Sparse Matrix Collection [11].
Research on different linear solvers has become increasingly complex, and this trend is likely to accentuate because of the growing need to design efficient sparse matrix algorithms for modern parallel computers.
A sparse matrix is a matrix in which most elements are zero.
Markowitz was awarded the prestigious John von Neumann Theory Prize for his contributions in three fields: portfolio theory, sparse matrix methods and simulation language programming.
YELICK, Minimizing communication in sparse matrix solvers, in Proc.
Getting to the root of sparse systems of linear equations involves an inclusive knowledge of the underlying theories, algorithms, and data structured of sparse matrix software knowledge.
Data analysis now up to 70 times faster -- matches Mathematica 5's record-breaking speed -- New-generation optimized numerical solvers for ordinary and partial differential equations -- Fully optimized support for Mac OS X -- Support for computations with exact fractions -- Support for vector and array functions in numeric solvers -- Flexible import and export of DICOM, PNG, SVG, STDS, DXF, FITS, STL, and sparse matrix formats Matrix Market and Harwell-Boeing -- Improved export of XHTML, now generating cascading style sheets -- Extended Copy and Paste on Windows for using typeset formulas in other applications -- Streamlined design and user interface improvements -- Over 50 improvements to quality and robustness
Parallel scalability of TB2 is noteworthy because this code is very representative of many other numerical simulation codes which use unstructured mesh discretizations of partial differential equations an similar sparse matrix solution strategies.