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The familiar concepts of supply and demand are used to describe the determination of levels of production, consumption and market price for any commodity; the inclusion of the spatial dimension in economics reveals that these concepts also determine largely the spatial distribution of production, consumption and market prices through spatially-differentiated supply and demand relationships.
Additional spatial dimensions were then added, and the models modified to allow motion of the irradiated zone.
The conference itself, which was attended by some 200 senior officials from across the EU and jointly sponsored by the EU Directorate General on Regional Policy, came at an important juncture in the debate on the future of cohesion policy and more importantly on the place of territorial cohesion both within regional policy and also across other policy areas that have spatial dimensions or implications.
The spatial dimensions are recorded, with respect to social inclusion partnerships, yet there is not a graphic demonstration of Scotland's spatial realities.
In effect, this puts a spatial dimension at the very core of the Scottish Executive's policy agenda.
Spatial Dimension stated that FlexiCadastre has been choosen by the Namibian Ministry of Mines and Energy as their new mining cadastre system.
The expectation is that the national planning framework will provide the much needed national spatial dimension to integrate existing and emerging policies and practices, such as the 'city visions' put forward in the Building Better Cities review, and to give them physical form and a locational reality.
South African firm Spatial Dimension has developed the 'Mozambican Mining Cadastre Website' that provides 'all the State's mining titles and contracts.
The ESDP Action Programme consists of 12 actions aimed at promoting a spatial dimension in policies at Community and national levels; improving knowledge of territorial development; and contributing to preparations for enlargement.
This third edition provides the latest comparable data and trends across regions in OECD countries, including a special focus on the spatial dimension for innovation.
introduces readers to the spatial dimension of the structure, organization and experience of social relations as a fundamental part of sociological analysis.
Most of the programmes unfolding lack an explicit spatial dimension.

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