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In this context, the city becomes a playground where multiple players exploit communication and the hybrid spatial dimension in which mobile media operate in a stratagematic game.
The authors suggest that the TPSN heuristic can be employed to look at tensions and dilemmas induced by each spatial dimension using the notion of 'compossibility'.
While the notion of folding the semiotic spoils of temporal experience into a fixed spatial dimension is intriguing to cultural theoreticians, it has continued to remain elusive.
Beyond this, the most notable of these arguments--the argument from fine-tuning--pro vides only weak evidence in favor of additional spatial dimensions.
Currently DVDs store information in three spatial dimensions - length, width and height - encoded by tiny pits and bumps.
Time includes the three spatial dimensions in the form of "mass as finite energy" on the right side of the equation.
Unlike the traditional approach to holography in which an image (or object) in three spatial dimensions is recorded in a two dimensional recording medium then projected back into three spatial dimensions, the authors use three unconventional dimensions, namely two spatial dimensions (x,y) and the third is energy.
The study, "The Temporal and Spatial Dimensions of Price Search: Insights from Matching Household Survey and Purchase Data" is available online at http://www.
Traditional OLAP offers good support for simultaneous usage of descriptive, temporal, and spatial dimensions in a multidimensional analysis process.
I love all the muscles, I love all the joints, I love all the spatial dimensions, I love all the possible relationships.
Tech credits are quietly skilled, with Keiichiro Inoue's camera often observing the characters from across busy roads and Shinichi Fushima's editing clearly delineating spatial dimensions of each repeated sequence.
Additional fundamental forces at short distances were intensively studied following the hypothesis about "large" supplementary spatial dimensions proposed in [2].

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