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Specific topics include managing time and space of everyday life with a focus on health promotion, a child-centered perspective on sustainable cities, factors impacting the health and well-being of residents of high-rise developments, the role of open spaces in supporting community formation across dwelling types, urban socio-spatial segregation in Latin America, developments in gated communities in the Egyptian city of Cairo and the Turkish city of Istanbul, the design sensibility in the Jordanian city of Amman, the spatial dimensions of human emotional fulfillment in outdoor open space, the professionalization of expertise in sustainable development, and environmental worldviews and water conservation.
The first half of the book details the contours of economic inequality such as income and wealth distribution and class, gender and spatial dimensions.
The articles by Brendan Gleeson and Stephen Horton discuss the importance of temporal and spatial dimensions in the functioning of modern capitalism.
Beyond this, the most notable of these arguments--the argument from fine-tuning--pro vides only weak evidence in favor of additional spatial dimensions.
Currently DVDs store information in three spatial dimensions - length, width and height - encoded by tiny pits and bumps.
Time includes the three spatial dimensions in the form of "mass as finite energy" on the right side of the equation.
New perspectives and methods in historical scholarship have invited historians to venture beyond the centrality of the written text when looking at the Jewish past and to pay equal attention to the visual and spatial dimensions of Jewish life.
Traditional OLAP offers good support for simultaneous usage of descriptive, temporal, and spatial dimensions in a multidimensional analysis process.
Such strong interactions among all known particles and gravity would not occur in a four-dimensional scenario (three spatial dimensions plus time): they would be a definite signal of something new.
I love all the muscles, I love all the joints, I love all the spatial dimensions, I love all the possible relationships.
Additional fundamental forces at short distances were intensively studied following the hypothesis about "large" supplementary spatial dimensions proposed in [2].

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