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Small has revealed that the NSBRI has taken up the research project with a view to creating a tool that will assist pilots to overcome spatial disorientation.
In Proceedings of NATO RTO HFM Symposium on Spatial Disorientation in Military, Vehicles: Causes, Consequences and Cures (AC/323[HFM-085]TP/42.
In spite of its systematic precision, this behavioral exploration of the hippocampus uncovered a pattern of deficits, which did not resemble in quantity, or quality, the clinical phenomena of amnesia and spatial disorientation that was observed in patients with medial temporal damage.
Pilot spatial disorientation may also have occurred due to multiple risk factors including the pilot's lack of night flight proficiency and his absence of mountain flying experience in dark night conditions.
During night or poor weather operations, this level of hypoxia could be especially debilitating as color vision is lost or degraded and the potential for spatial disorientation rises exponentially.
A probable cause found by the NTSB pointed to the "pilot's failure to maintain a positive climb rate after takeoff due to spatial disorientation (somatogravic illusion).
Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Spatial Disorientation Simulator For Iaf
The CAPC told me to try and stay with it, and fight through what we both recognized right away as spatial disorientation.
With strict instructions to keep my eyes forward (looking sideways would lead to spatial disorientation and probably my scrambled eggs breakfast all over David's leather flying cap), he then did a short dive to build up speed.
But Mr Walker, assistant deputy coroner for Oxfordshire, said there was 'no evidence whatsoever' that pilot error, in the form of spatial disorientation, was to blame on the strength of the evidence before him.
An Oxford inquest heard the US inquiry reported the US Marine Corps Sea Knight pilots suffered spatial disorientation.
There is some evidence that displacement by teleports leads to spatial disorientation, at least when a person is not able to anticipate the destination (Bakker, Passenier, & Werkhoven, 1998; Bowman, Koller, & Hodges, 1997).

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