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SPECIAL AGENT. A special agent is one whose authority is confined to a particular, or an individual instance. It is a general rule, that he who is invested with a special authority, must act within the bounds of his authority, and he cannot bind his principal beyond what he is authorized to do. 2 Bouv. Inst. n. 1299; 2 John. 48; 1 Wash. C. C. lT4; 5 John. 48; 15 John. 44; 8 Wend. 494.

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The Army POI now requires CI special agents who can articulate CI concepts, intelligence law, and CI information to decision makers and senior officers.
548 pages in length, Taking Up the Sword: A Story of a Special Agent in the Diplomatic Security Service is being aggressively promoted to appropriate markets with a focus on the adventurers and explorers autobiography category.
The couple said the officials and special agents have become like family.
James Podolak, Special Agent Chowaniec "is an excellent example of an [MPFU] special agent who vigorously pursues investigations.
Each of these organizations performs a vital function for CID, as well as providing the Army and DOD with personnel who possess the critical investigative skills unique to CID special agents.
Also, WFO special agents meet with police chiefs face-to-face and stay in regular contact with them through e-mails and telephone calls.
If you are approached and questioned by special agents, you should ask them for their business cards and politely state that you do not want to answer any questions and that your attorney will contact them.
FBI Special Agent in Charge Gregory Jones said that 10 individuals, including three top aides to Campbell, have already been convicted or pleaded guilty as the result of a five-year investigation that turned up "numerous allegations of corruption, bribery, tax fraud, perjury, obstruction of justice, and illegal campaign contributions.
For example, President Bush announced the creation of the Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, the Securities and Exchange Commission vowed to step up enforcement and the IRS's Criminal Investigation Division (CID) opened 500 new special agent positions in March 2004.
Indeed, the FBI is actively recruiting CPAs as special agents and as analysts.
A leisure centre spokesman said: "The kids had a great time going round the course and pretending to be special agents.
Each time a concerned citizen or state wildlife agent reports an electrocuted bird, the FWS sends special agents to investigate.

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