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Early English law provides the legal setting and principles for special assessment law.
The FDIC adopted an "interim rule with request for comment" on February 27, 2009 (37) which imposed a special assessment of twenty basis points on insured institutions' deposits and was to be collected by the end of the third quarter.
This ordinance also defined the procedures to pay for the cost of the new street lighting system through special assessments.
With a small budget raised by a voluntary special assessment, the association needed to leverage what it had and get as much for its money as possible.
If reserves are inadequate, a common alternative is to approve a special assessment to meet any reserve shortfall.
30, 1996 imposes a special assessment on Savings Association Insurance Fund (SAIF)-insured deposits of financial institutions as of Mar.
The omnibus appropriations bill of 1996, approved by Congress and President Clinton on September 30, recapitalizes the Savings Association Insurance Fund (SAIF) through a special assessment on SAIF-insured institutions.
Among them, 41 percent are paid by the medical staff (from dues and special assessment), 37 percent are paid by administration, and the remaining 22 percent are paid jointly by the medical staff and administration?
This book discusses library assessment techniques, addresses the barriers libraries face when considering assessment activities, and contends that they do not need to conduct special assessment activities, but can use data that has already been gathered.
The board of a condominium association can levy a special assessment, pursuant to Section 18(a)(8) of the Illinois Condominium Property Act.

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