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Audio and video recording allow users to easily document routine and special cases.
A measure of wage restraint has got to be in the national interest, but the Government should endeavour to achieve a far more flexible policy in order to deal with special cases.
I can't get into special cases because our job is to apply the rules fairly.
THE number of special cases that the coalition is being urged to consider ahead of its cuts in public sector budgets must be close to overwhelming.
The hospital authorities admitted their fault, but said it was their policy to identify special cases.
He discusses the theory of the generic GR algorithm, including special cases (for example, QR, SR, and HR).
In The Ministry of Special Cases, he proves that he has the power to sustain these talents as well as to delight and instruct over the course of a tightly woven novel.
But Norman Solomon reminds us that, though America's mainstream news media is willing to focus on special cases of prisoner abuse, such as at Abu Ghraib in Iraq, it fails to shine the same light on longstanding abuse in domestic facilities.
Solutions to special cases of this kind of puzzle were known in ancient India, China and other cultures.
Except for these special cases, exposure to mold has not been shown to be a pervasive health problem for the population in general.
So Iskander worked with the Getty Museum in Los Angeles to design special cases that control oxygen, temperature, pollution, motion, and other factors.

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