Special bail

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SPECIAL BAIL. A person who becomes specially bound to answer for the appearance of another; the recognizance or act by which such person thus becomes bound, is also called special bail. Vide Bail.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Mr Kelly had argued Wilkie-Thorburn had no previous convictions and that special bail conditions were unnecessary.
The sheriff said the octogenarian "acted deliberately in a manner to provoke [Mr Troland] into breaching his special bail conditions", adding "he knew exactly what he was doing".
Special bail conditions will keep anyone arrested for violent behaviour out of the city centre until after the festive season, and plain-clothes officers will mingle with drinkers to spot trouble before it happens.
The 34-year-old former MI5 intelligence officer, who appeared in court for the first time last week charged with breaking the Official Secrets Act, was given special bail conditions to allow him to travel North to watch the game.
Fiscal depute Callum Thomson asked for special bail conditions to be imposed to prevent Kindness contacting or approaching the complainer.
Prior to the December conviction McCormack had never previously breached a special bail condition, said the lawyer, and had never committed an offence with a bail aggravation.
He is also said to have been in possession of the files between the same dates, and it's claimed he set up a tablet computer to delete his internet history - previously in breach of a special bail condition imposed in a Glasgow Sheriff Court case.
Decrying the ruling on Friday, De Lima said the special bail grant for Enrile was a step back to having a banana republic judicial system.
He warned Emlick, 51, of Edinburgh, that special bail conditions that ban him from entering Dunfermline and approaching the complainer remain in place.
Special bail conditions were imposed to prevent the boy having further possible contact with the girl while the case is on-going.
Culprits face jail, special bail terms or banning orders.

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